O společnosti a historie
KOVEX Újezd s.r.o.

Since its foundation in 1992, Kovex Újezd, s. r. o. has been engaged primarily in traditional precision medium-series chip machining on CNC machines.

The company’s product range gradually included more than 400 types of products. Thanks to its business success, the company managed to accumulate the necessary capital to build new production facilities. Initially, the company rented a production hall in Drnovice, later a plot of land was purchased in the village of Újezd u Valašských Klobouky and a new production hall was built on it.

Kovex Újezd, s. r. o. has a long tradition of cooperation with several companies that are its regular customers.


The main focus of the company is metal machining. KOVEX Újezd s.r.o. mainly machines parts and spare parts of valves, parts of hydraulic systems, parts of anti-vibration systems, parts of pumping technology, parts of assembly units of knitting lines and parts of automotive technology.

The production hall has a space of 2,100 m2, which includes administrative and social facilities. Currently the company has more than 19 CNC machine tools, band saws, automatic NC saws, a CNC saw, an older CRYSTA-Plus M574 3D machine tool, a digital 2D altimeter, a range of digital cavity gauges, roughness gauges and last but not least a Mitutoyo profile projector. The inspection is fully equipped with modern facilities. In 2015, a new CRYSTA-Apex S574 3D CNC machine was purchased. With sufficient production and storage facilities and an extensive production fleet, we are engaged in the production of small, medium and large series.

The company employs real experts. At present, there are 30 of them working here.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, we will be happy to prepare favourable quotations for you.

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